About us

Based in the UK with a global reach, we are excited by everything innovation

We are a membership organisation for social housing providers investing in innovation.

Our mission is to enable members to make sense of disruption, be more innovative and grab the opportunities to build back better & maximise their social impact.

By channelling our activity through the three themes of Technology, Leadership and Culture our objective is to help leaders work collaboratively, learn from each other and out of sector disruptors and share the cost, risk and impact of innovation.

Who is the Network for?

Membership is organisational, giving you the flexibility and resilience to maximise and make the most of your membership. Everyone in the business can access our work, research and innovation programmes.


Targeted at strategic and operational leaders and decision makers who need to translate their vision into action, including:

  • CEOs
  • Exec directors
  • Directors of ICT, CIOs and CTOs
  • Heads of innovation and transformation
  • HR and people leaders


How do we do this?

  • By horizon scanning future developments, trends and technologies to assess their impact and value to the social housing sector
  • Inspiring and engaging members to work ‘on’ the business to see the bigger picture by connecting with out of sector leaders.
  • By expanding members’ peer networks with leaders in other sectors and countries looking to tackle similar problems
  • Through identifying the risks and opportunities that disruption will bring to our member organisations
  • By working alongside our members to navigate the new business models that may disrupt the sector
  • By creating new opportunities and a safe space for our members to work collaboratively to define problems better and identify innovative solutions

Business Benefits

  • Early insights into emerging technologies and new models of service design that may disrupt or assist the housing sector
  • The ability to test and learn at speed and understand what works for your organisation
  • A shared, collaborative experience facilitated by respected leaders and practitioners in their field
  • The benefit of sharing costs and risks to find out what you don’t know about innovation
  • Excellent ROI compared to doing it alone
  • Access to some of the best thought leaders and businesses outside of the housing sector to engage with and learn from
  • Fresh insights, challenge and inspiration to make work better

Out of Sector Networks

We have a vast network of out of sector organisations, start-ups and businesses that ensures the DIN community has access to the latest thinking around innovation and disruption across the UK, Europe and North America. No other innovation service provider in the UK social housing space has access to this level of cutting-edge leadership and knowledge.

Social Housing Networks

We work with well-established bodies in the social housing sector – built up and refreshed over the years through our work and collaboration with organisations including, HACT, The Chartered Institute of Housing and HouseMark.

The real value is the peer to peer networking and learning through shared experiences at DIN, including our exciting DINLabs offer and specialist networks.

Our people

What our members and partners say about us

"I like the fact that there are many different ways to engage with DIN and lots of communication and resources provided. As well as the quality of the speakers and contributors."

Sasha Deepwell, CEO, Irwell Valley Homes

"I feel at home as a member (rather than an outsider). I gain great knowledge and info - and that makes me think differently."

Leann Hearne, CEO, Livv Housing Group

Interested in joining the Disruptive Innovators Network?

If you are interested in joining the network or would like to discuss further opportunities please get in touch.