Who we are

The Disruptive Innovators Network is a membership organisation, designed to be the active hub for social housing organisations actively engaged in disruptive innovation.

Our mission

Our objective is to help leaders to work collaboratively, learn from each other and out-of-sector disruptors and share the cost and risk of innovation.

UK social housing sector is a huge business with a current turnover of £28bn per annum. The sector defines itself by its social objectives and is a key part of the social fabric of the UK.

However, it is not innovating as fast as other business sectors or at the pace its customers are experiencing in the rest of their lives. It is ripe for external disruption.

Our role is to:

  • Identify the risks and opportunities that disruption will bring to our member organisations

  • Help our members navigate the new technologies and business models that may disrupt the sector

  • Create new opportunities for our members to work collaboratively to define problems better and identify new solutions to these problems.

We want our members to be able to control the tide of innovation and the opportunities this brings to improve their businesses and social impact.

Our People

Out of sector networks

We have a vast network of out of sector organisations and businesses that ensures the team have access to the latest thinking around innovation and disruption in the UK, Europe and North America. These networks feed the DIN team updates, news, insights and pitches for joint working.

No other innovation service provider in the UK social housing space has access to this level of cutting-edge leadership and knowledge. Members benefit from these networks when seeking to learn from others.

Social housing networks

The Disruptive Innovators Network team work alongside well established bodies in the social housing sector – built up and refreshed over the years through our work and collaboration with organisations including, The National Housing Federation, Chartered Institute of Housing, the Northern Housing Consortium and HouseMark.


Interested in joining the Disruptive Innovators Network?

Please click here to complete the contact us form and we’ll get you signed up. If you would like more details and a chat please ring Ian on 07946 509322 or email ian.wright@disruptiveinnovatorsnetwork.co.uk