Disruptive Innovators Network

The membership network for social housing organisations investing in innovation and business transformation

Proptech Innovation Network

For social housing leaders investing in asset and property technology

The membership network for social housing organisations investing in innovation

Bringing the best of out of sector learning back into social housing

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Welcome to fastest growing network of leaders working or supporting the social housing sector. If you share our passion for corporate innovation and fresh ways of delivering better services to tenants and residents, then this is your community.

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What our members and partners say about us

"As a (small) organisation, we have learned so much from the Disruptive Innovators Network. Being part of such an inspiring organisation, shows us all the possibilities from which we can take the first steps on each of our innovation journeys, or indeed make contact with a new network of experts to ask follow up questions. One of best elements is the inclusion; we are DIN’s smallest member by quite a margin, but in this group, size doesn’t matter and in fact Ian and his team go out of their way to make us feel welcome and included."

Anne Taylor, CEO, Thorngate Churcher Trust

"DIN brings not just other Housing Associations together to look at how we can challenge the status quo or overcome the challenges we face; the involvement of other sector expertise and international partners really expands our problem solving capacity and opportunity to learn. We have also called upon Ian Wright’s expertise and knowledge in Innovation at our Leadership and Executive Meetings to help generate and facilitate innovative thinking. Our only challenge is how to take advantage of everything on offer from DIN!"

Ian Kelly, Director of Digital and Innovation

"I really cannot praise the event enough. Sessions were engaging, diverse and well balanced between informative theoretically and practically. One of the best I’ve been to certainly. Very inspiring! Easily a 5 (out of 5)!"

Philippe Demougin, Property Innovation Manager, Flagship

"Talking to passionate innovators and visiting schemes in person, stimulated discussion in a way you just cannot get online, and lead to really starting to think about how we move from awareness and understanding to implementation."

Tessa Barraclough, Head of Sustainability, Riverside Group

"A Solid 5 (out of 5) Content, facilitation, engagement, timekeeping, breadth of interest, pre-session information, matching with expectations, opportunities for learning, all great – thank you to all involved. Thank you"

Jamie Adam, Performance Manager, Berneslai Homes Construction Services

"There is no one else like DIN – I get annoyed by every invite they send as I want to put it at the top of my priority list to attend. Topics are relevant, thought-provoking and bang on in terms of what they are addressing. DIN challenges us to think big – addressing not just business transformation but sector transformation; their network model enables attendance from managers across the business – driving curiosity; a growth mindset and a will to see how we can actually apply what we are learning. DIN is truly the Carlsberg of network groups."

Julia Mixter, Director of Transformation, Raven Housing Trust

"Love the work of the network and it has really provided innovative and motivating content to inspire change in our business now and in the years ahead."

Tina Cunliffe, Director of Corporate Services, Bolton at Home

"PIN brings together the innovators in housing to enable the conversations which unlock progress. As a partner, we have been able to be at the heart of the debate and we are proud to see so many members have chosen to be Switchee customers."

Tom Robins, Chief Executive Officer, Switchee - PIN Member

"We have had a great experience collaborating with PIN, which has allowed us to thoroughly explore our digital stock condition surveying tool with housing associations. PIN brings innovative people and solutions together, with only one goal in mind: improved outcomes for tenants and the industry as a whole, making it incredibly valuable for all parties involved."

Dirk Huibers, CEO and Co-founder, Spotr - PIN Member

"PIN has enabled Plexus Innovation to be seen and heard by the Social Housing sector but has also provided a route for our innovation to be tried and tested in a controlled environment."

Anneka Johnson, Key Account Manager, Plexus Innovation - PIN Member

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