Vuabl was founded in 2016 to streamline the process of viewing properties and has continued to evolve with cutting edge technology.

What we can help you with

At Vuabl we look to reduce our clients void turnaround time and in turn void losses whilst also helping to increase tenant satisfaction. With climate change being at the forefront of many organisations mind our solution also strives to reduce a companies emissions and costs associated with travelling between properties. Many organisations do not have a visual overall view of their stock, however it is important for us to help our clients to create that visual record of their stock that allows contractors to get it right first time.

Our solution

Vuabl provide clients with easy to use equipment that allows the user to capture a standard 2 bedroom property in under 10 minutes. This is all done by connecting your phone to the camera and then simply uploading the images to our system all from within the property. Our team then build out your virtual tour with all branding and functionality within 24hrs and this is then provided to the client. These tours can be viewed on mobile, tablet and desktop whilst also being integrated with housing management systems and websites.

Case study - Aberdeenshire Council

Rob Simpson, Aberdeenshire Council’s Head of Housing & Building Standards says, ‘‘The introduction of virtual property tours has allowed us to reduce the turnaround time on void properties whilst reducing fuel costs. These virtual tours give potential tenants the opportunity to view properties without the need for a physical visit. Colleagues in the council can also use the platform to carry out some tasks by doing a virtual ‘visit’, or even a group ‘visit’ by using screen sharing. The Vuabl system has been extremely simple to use and tours are guaranteed to be completed within 24 hours.’’