Virtual Reality Property Maintenance Ltd

VRPM are a software and services company who specialise in 3D model and digital twin creation.


What we can help you with

Digital Twins and 3D models can provide benefits in almost all industries, but at present the systems to create these Digital Twins are expensive and cumbersome. They require high-end, specialised camera equipment, and highly skilled operators. Typically after the capture a substantial amount of post-processing is required, adding to the costs and delay in the process.

There is much promise in the benefits of Virtual Reality and the Metaverse, but the factors outlined above represent a significant barrier to entry for all but the best funded of organisations.

Our solution

Viewform is an innovative tool that allows unskilled and inexperienced end users to create Digital Twins using readily available, commodity hardware, at a fraction of the cost of existing specialised industrial equipment.

These Digital Twins are faithful 3D representations of the relevant space, in high resolution photography, which allows viewers to virtually ‘walk around’ the captured space, gaining familiarisation in a space that may be inaccessible due to, for example, location or hazards.

The Digital Twin can be shared via the internet, so anyone with a browser can also experience the location, from anywhere in the world.

Case study

A customer in the Facilities Management industry uses the solution to catalogue plant rooms on new contracts.

Instead of conducting multiple surveys (eg asset and fabric) they perform a single survey, using a lower skilled resource. From the Digital Twin, they can perform the fabric survey by ‘looking around’ the room, and can catalogue the assets remotely using a separate barcode reader, or by tagging the model with the asset numbers. The model is integrated into the existing backend systems for asset purchase and service history.

This has greatly increased the speed of asset cataloguing, whilst lowering the cost, allowing them to onboard thousands of assets in a fraction of the time.

The Digital Twin is used for remote collaboration and troubleshooting, giving benefits in travel avoidance and improved resolution times.