What we do

and how we do it

We know our members

We know that member organisations and the staff that engage with us are radical, creative and highly intelligent.

We know that they have an appetite for risk and a hunger for opportunity.

We know that they want to learn fast by making business connections that they can follow up.

We know they want purposeful innovation.

This is how we deliver on these expectations.


What is a disruptive innovator?

Disruptive innovators work in several ways.

Clayton Christenson introduced the term in his 1997 book The Innovators Dilemma, by anticipating future needs and technological opportunities and future-proofing their businesses.

The disruption reflects the radical changes in service delivery that result, such as the omni channel approach to customer communication that has developed in recent years.

Disruptive innovators also take a commercial approach to innovation.

They seek to reshape the markets they operate in and to gain competitive advantage from innovation.

They use technology to reduce operating costs, to compete more effectively on price, to enhance their capacity and output and to take market share from their competitors.

They understand how to test, iterate, evolve and scale to become dominant in what they do.

Transformation themes

The Disruptive Innovators Network was established to help social housing leaders understand the risks and opportunities arising from disruptive innovation and how to apply that knowledge for business transformation.

Technological innovation is at the heart of this disruption but it’s impact will only be fully realised if the leadership and culture of the business are aligned to take advantage.

Our network focus is on helping our members to align technology, leadership and culture so that their purpose is most effectively delivered.

The themes of technology, leadership and culture are explored in everything we do - including our bulletin, annual summit and member meetings and through the subject content of our specialist workshops and showcases.

Examples of what our content covers are:

Our members

Our members are predominantly housing associations, supplemented by some ALMOs and councils. We also have a handful of members who are commercial firms – in addition to our strategic partners.

  • AWS
  • BT
  • Microsoft
  • Rackspace

How much will Network membership cost?

We aim to keep fees affordable to all types and sizes of housing provider, so cost is not a barrier to joining the Network.

There are two elements to our fee structure - a one off joining fee and then a rolling monthly subscription.

Fees are based on the registered stock size of the organisation:

Stock size One off joining fee Monthly subscription
Less than 1,000 units £650 £125
1,001-5,000 units £750 £145
5,001- 10,000 units £850 £165
10,001-20,000 units £950 £185
20,001 units and above £1,050 £200

All fees are exclusive of VAT. An additional charge will be required for participation in some of the projects such as DINLabs, discovery learning programmes and events.  DIN members can access additional specialist networks PIN and IAN for an extra £99 +VAT per month.  Prices will remain fixed until December 2021.