TellJO is award winning technology that compassionately tackles the root causes of debt and prevent crisis situations.

What we can help you with

TellJO is an early intervention and prevention tool. We help them collect arrears from late payment customers and identify causes of hardship for early intervention. Payback is swift. After talking to TellJO, over 76% of residents request a payment arrangement and 46% receive immediate debt advice.

Our solution

  1. A missed payment triggers a message from TellJO asking the resident: Are you ok?
  2. When they respond, we chat. In an average chat time of 7 minutes, TellJO asks around 90 questions.
  3. We use 63 indicators of vulnerability and automatically refer those identified into your wellbeing teams.
  4. We use hard signposting when the resident gives consent.
  5. We use “Soft Signposts” to help residents with specific issues using specialist 3rd Sector organisations.
  6. Live reporting suite on a regional and individual basis.

Case study - RHA

"At RHA we committed to providing tailored support to those tenants who are experiencing difficulties or need additional support, to sustain their tenancies. TellJO has been instrumental for us in this approach as we now have the ability to digitally reach out to tenants who may be struggling, but who for whatever reason have not felt able to contact us themselves about issues they are dealing with. With the information TellJO gives us, we can re-engage our tenants and bespoke our support to fulfill our social obligations, helping our tenants to sustain their tenancies, whilst at the same time building their long term resilience and wellbeing...."