Spotr is an AI-powered real estate analytics platform in which you can remotely inspect your buildings and manage property data.


What we can help you with

Managing large real estate portfolios is not easy. Housing associations are expected to keep their properties well maintained, implement sustainability measures and comply with ever changing regulation while experiencing budgetary challenges.

At the heart of these issues lies the lack of (up-to-date) data. Collecting and analyzing real estate data is often expensive and requires a lot of time. For example: how do you know when to schedule painting for the right properties? How do you make strategic decisions on where to put solar panels? How do you conduct stock condition surveys more efficiently and ensure the data is properly stored?

Our solution

Spotr collects, measures and analyzes up-to-date property data in one place. Spotr provides AI-powered building measurements and digital condition surveys in one platform, to make sure your property data is correctly stored. The Spotr platform helps you get a day-to-day view of your real estate portfolio and helps to inform strategic decision making, like: which properties are eligible for the implementation of solar panels? With Spotr Views, it’s easy to find unforeseen risks and opportunities in your portfolio.

Case study - Alliantie

Dutch housing association the Alliantie went from employing 5 building surveyors to employing 1 drone pilot. Fred Jak, Program Manager: “We can do things much faster now. Not inspect and measure an estate in 3 days, but in 4 hours.” About 4 years ago, the Alliantie had one question: ‘Can we determine the quality of real estate from data and images, to manage our portfolio remotely’? The Alliantie decided to invest and is now a frontrunner in digital real estate management. Paul Loos, drone pilot at the Alliantie: “All data and images are centrally stored within Spotr, so everyone works with the same data. Previously, we’d be working with a spreadsheet that would go from one party to another. All you could do was hope you had saved the correct version. Now everyone always has complete and up-to-date information about our real estate in Spotr.”