Spaciable is the digital arm of Classic Folios, which has been the property industry’s market-leading provider of handover and customer care solutions for 25+ years.




What we can help you with

Spaciable addresses numerous common problems for housing providers, including:

  • Time and money – Spaciable helps homebuilders make the most of every hour in the day by streamlining admin tasks, and reducing call-outs and queries by giving home users the tools to self-serve answers.
  • Compliance – housing providers have considerable boxes to tick and landlords now also have to report on Tenant Satisfaction Measures – Spaciable helps share and audit essential information through built-in notifications and document-sharing features.
  • Brand reputation – housing providers are always under the microscope for the service they provide. Spaciable’s bespoke solution ensures a positive brand experience amongst home users.


Our solution

Admins will be able to see an overview of developments, phases and plots, to which they can send notifications, event invites or documents to plots, thereby streamlining communication, while ensuring vital information is accurately and securely shared.

Home users can view important information about their plot, including key contacts, FAQs, specifications, user manuals, an issue reporting tool and a local area guide. This enhances their experience and provides on-demand support.

Our new app, Spaciable Living, supports site staff through key and parcel management, visitor access and facility booking, while promoting supportive, community-centric developments through neighbour chat tools.

Case study

In 2015, Classic Folios/Spaciable started working with Battersea Power Station on the internationally acclaimed development’s first residential phase – Circus West.

In the years since, we have delivered handover and customer care solutions to over 1,500 plots at the development, which transcends a residential project to encapsulate entertainment, retail, leisure and much more.

Summarising the experience of our Classic Folios and Spaciable’s partnership with the Battersea Power Station Development Company, Head of Customer Care Rahul Salaria said:

“Since we first started working with Spaciable, we have felt thoroughly supported by them, especially with regards to training for the platform, which has sometimes been requested at short notice and has always been accommodated. We would definitely recommend Spaciable – both our admins and homeowners have commented on how useful and easy it is to use, with the notifications and document uploading tools proving particularly helpful.”