Safecility design and build sensors that take over the job of manual emergency lighting testing and record keeping in buildings - instead replacing it with complete automation.


What we can help you with

Emergency Lighting must be installed in every classification of building except for single family homes. It must be tested at a minimum monthly and repairs undertaken if testing fails. In the vast majority of cases this testing is carried out manually by a technician or electrician traveling from site to site each month. It’s hugely inefficient, not to mention expensive.

Even with the best of intention, manual testing can lead to human error. For systems that are as critical as emergency lighting, this can lead to disaster. Automation eradicates human error involved in testing emergency lighting and vastly improves safety.

Our solution

Safecility's wireless senors are quickly and easily retrofit to existing emergency lighting. They execute testing and automatically generate reports and compliance certificates. If you currently test your emergency lighting manually, or outsource testing to a third party, the Safecility system replaces this need completely. It negates site visits to emergency lighting by 90% and slashes costs.

Case study - Housing Association client

Current yearly cost of manual testing: £147,000; Yearly cost of testing with Safecility: £14,700; One off cost of Safecility control sensors + installation: £208,250; 5 year cumulative cost Manual Testing: £735,000; Safecility: £281,750 | 61.67% Cost Saving | 18 month Payback