Qualis Flow

Qualis Flow (Qflow) captures, digitises and audits your material and waste data, saving time and reducing risk on site and providing you with the foundational data for decarbonising the construction industry.


What we can help you with

Tracking and managing material deliveries and waste transfers across a fragmented supply chain is time consuming and stressful for project teams. This results in incomplete and poor quality data, making it useless for decision making.

Qflow automates this process, and ensures you get high quality, complete data to drive your quality, cost and carbon decisions, saving you time and reducing project risk.

Our solution

Qflow captures, digitises and audits all material and waste deliveries in real-time. How does this work? The team on site (usually a site manager or logistics person) captures the goods received notes and waste transfer notes via a simple photograph or pdf. Qflow then digitises and audits these deliveries and waste transfers. Any risks are notified to the contracted team so they can follow up their supply chain. Developer teams like GPE and Berkeley homes, then use this data to keep an eye on progress, identify opportunities to eliminate carbon during construction, and inform future procurement decisions.  The outcome is a more efficient and more sustainable construction project, and a valuable digital asset that can support future initiatives. 

Case study - Berkley Homes

Qflow is deployed by Berkley Homes at Kidbrooke Village generating £200K cost saving per year, eliminating >£34K potential cost per erroneous delivery and saving >150 hours pa. On a project of this magnitude, managing and reporting on sustainability targets can quickly turn into a nightmare for the team. To get the most out of the data and minimise the steps required, they opted to take a digital approach.

“I have always been very conscious of how time-consuming ensuring compliance with waste regulations and corporate procurement policies can be for our site teams, so I was very excited when I came across Qflow. The app takes most of the burden away, saving the site team’s time and improving data accuracy. Automating also means that we can gather more data than ever before on material use, which will help us reduce construction waste.” – Giorgia Franco, Head of Sustainability, Berkeley East Thames