Purrmetrix helps you decarbonise your housing stock with better insights into building performance, using a simple, portable IoT toolset and powerful software.


What we can help you with

Upgrading housing retrofit and repair needs good quality data to identify the best homes for upgrades, forecast improvement potential and confirm results of projects.

But landlords are struggling to find ways to collect this data at scale, when it’s needed and to turn it into useful measurements.

By creating a toolset that can be used alongside traditional surveys and site visits, and redeployed after a few weeks of testing, Purrmetrix are helping landlords to rapidly assess their assets, before and after work is done, for stock selection, retrofit design, fault finding and monitoring the success of new systems.

Our solution

Warmscore is an IoT toolset that can be deployed in most homes in less than 30 minutes, with no specialist tools or qualification required. Measuring conditions from several points, with uniquely high time resolution, we produce detailed insights into the state of the home; its heatloss, condensation risk, ventilation rate and comfort performance.

The tool can be deployed when and where you need it, and can give results after a few weeks of data gathering. It can then be moved to another home, or remain to provide long term insights into performance of the home and heating systems.

Case study

London Borough of Havering have been testing with Purrmetrix during the first wave of SHDF, to augment their EPC data and survey work with additional data on the archetypes. Funding was confirmed late in the heating season, being able to quickly deploy test systems was useful.

Working with LBH’s contractors, Purrmetrix provided heat loss for 10% of the homes to be upgraded, with measurements of ventilation rate and condensation risk for 20% of stock. The data identified homes with high heat loss and ventilation rates and gave confidence for models being used to design upgrades. Post works it will be used to verify improvements and confirm that tenants have more affordable comfort.

"The data provided by Warmscore is really helpful in developing our understanding of what is happening in our homes. We’re looking forward to getting additional measurements post works to confirm all is working correctly’” Robert Ditsell, Project Manager