Plumis exists to reduce the number of deaths and injuries caused by fire in domestic and residential settings through the provision of intelligent fire suppression equipment. We do this be designing and building industry-leading intelligent fire suppression systems that detect fire earlier, activate faster and deliver better outcomes for people and property. Plumis has the vision of making active fire suppression an article of desire by providing value beyond just fire protection compliance.


What we can help you with

Sprinklers can be costly and impractical to install, particularly in existing buildings, and are unpopular in homes, with worries about leaks and water damage. There’s also the hassle and cost associated with finding a suitable space for a large tank or upgrading the water supply, making them impractical where there are issues with the water supply. Automist is a watermist suppression system that overcomes these problems.

Many of us are familiar with how a traditional fire sprinkler looks and works. While sprinklers are effective, particularly on large, fast-growing fires, they are less effective at tackling slow-growing, smouldering fires, which can still quickly produce lethal volumes of toxic smoke. Automist has been designed to detect fire earlier and activate faster - up to 2 minutes before a traditional sprinkler for some fires - minimising the build-up of toxic smoke and tackling fires before they can grow.

Our solution

Automist is an intelligent fire suppression system widely used both as a fire safety add-on and as a trade-off, and is incorporated into the fire strategy of developments large and small. In the event of a fire, the system is triggered automatically by a ceiling mounted detector. Automist’s sprayheads will scan the room to look for temperature changes indicating a fire. If a fire is detected, the sprayhead best positioned to tackle it targets it with watermist. Watermist removes heat and displaces oxygen from the fire zone, resulting in fire control.

Case study

Proptech Innovators Network and Plumis undertook a DINLab with 4 housing providers to test out an innovative alternative to traditional sprinklers. The landlords were able to validate that Automist was a viable retrofit solution to address PEEPs in certain dwellings: Sensors were used to future proof homes, as well as monitoring temperature, they could monitor residents moving through a space to enable people to live safely in their homes for longer. Lack of resident movement could provide an alert [to a warden] that the resident may need help. Sensor mapping of where residents are could help the fire service with means of escape.