Plexus Innovation

Plexus Innovation offers an IoT remote monitoring solution – providing a digital alternative to manual measurement, bringing business improvements in a number of sectors.


What we can help you with

GUARDIAN® provides automated alerts to highlight potential health risks or failing assets that otherwise may be overlooked.

Many social housing providers are using GUARDIAN® to tackle reducing their water waste, some saving up to 80% within months of installation. Others are focusing on reduction of energy consumption, and others to ensure compliance on health and risk for tenants.

The remote technology is also attracting clients focused on Net Zero, business improvements including better use of manpower and delivering improved service to their own customers.

It is an innovative proprietary product that addresses legislative issues, pushing compliance and asset management into the 21st Century.

Our solution

GUARDIAN® brings its benefits via a non-invasive system installation that includes Hubs and Nodes, which monitor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, creating uninterrupted data which is sent to the cloud and appears in the customers personalised dashboard. This data assists with compliance, and on a day to day basis gives reassurance due to its alert functionality, which highlights issues and immediate dangers, that could otherwise go undetected. It is proving hugely successful in assisting organisations that are taking the road to Net Zero seriously, by uncovering new and innovative ways to be environmentally sustainable.

Case study

Selwood Housing was finding the traditional manual approach for monthly temperature checks cumbersome and administration heavy, using high manpower to gain limited asset understanding. On switching to GUARDIAN® the phase one results were immediate:

• 75% reduction in flushing requirement and associated water waste
• Numerous potential scald risks, due to failing TMVs, identified via alerts received

When implemented across phase two, a further 21 facilities, the results included saving:

• 28 days of manpower
• 11 tonnes of associated CO2 (equivalent to 66 trees)
• 240m3 water (3200 domestic baths)
• 4900 kWh energy

“We are now only flushing those assets that are required, reducing time that technicians open outlets. The data gives us a better understanding of our TMV performance and whether there is a scalding risk so we are able to take relevant action. It now has the full support of our team and executive board, and we look forward to rolling it out across the rest of our properties.”