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NolijWork is an emerging tech startup dedicated to revolutionizing the design, coordination and performance of service-centric work.



What we can help you with

Housing providers face significant challenges in void management, resulting in revenue loss, property availability restrictions, and ultimately reputational damage.

Void re-letting, typically involving 50-100 tasks, varies due to property condition and tenant circumstances, leading to hidden delays and coordination complexities becoming embedded. No two individuals are likely to experience void & repair customer journeys in the same manner.

Key internal challenges include adherence to SLAs, compliance with defined processes, and whether processes are even fit for purpose.

Organisations realise they have problems, but lack visibility and evidence to know where to look and what actions to take to improve performance.


Our solution

NolijWork analyses and highlight the delays and pinch points impacting YOUR empty homes performance, so that YOU can take specific corrective action.

NolijWork uses your existing operational data, from sources such as your housing management system or even tracker sheets employed within the business to derive these insights.

Other housing providers have already successfully used this service to detect poorly performing service elements, which had remained hidden “under the radar”; highlight deviation from the prescribed processes, provide evidence for specific courses of action as part of business case for improvement

No personally identifiable information (PII) is required.

Case study

Several PIN members trialled this offering in 2023, this is feedback from one of them:

“The trial and results have been fantastic in terms of what we are trying to evidence. They have been invaluable to us in understanding where the pinch points are within our Empty homes process. The data was presented in a way which is easy to understand and the reports are exceptional.

We have managed to identify dead time between processes / average times against individual processes and this will lead into business cases for additional resources.

We have seen that there are individual processes which are an issue, and this is causing a knock-on effect against the whole process and extending our times.

I have personally used the data to set the expectations with a contractor who is not completing their work within the contractual SLA.”
Steve Chapman, Operations Manager (CHP Empty Homes and Planned)