Mestro’s cloud-based platform for energy management empowers property owners to solve one of our time’s most important climate issues; how to make properties sustainable.

What we can help you with

Properties stand for a major part of our climate impact and having multiple properties implies big energy spendings both for the planet and for your wallet.

By collecting, analyzing and visualizing all your data in one place we want to help you take control and optimize your energy usage.

Our solution

With a digitized and automated energy management system like Mestro Portal, you get a visual and intuitive overview and can easily detect peaks and anomalies in your energy data, benchmark your usage against regulatory metrics as well as other portfolios. It’s simply a tool you cannot be without if you want to spend less energy. Mestro Portal, which is the epicenter of the services that we provide, is modularised to serve different kinds of needs. The modules consist of the Standard package, the Energy Analysis package, the Sustainability package and the Finance package.

Case study

Heimstaden is a Swedish property owner with 155,000 homes across 10 countries (including the UK and its project “Soho Wharf”, Birmingham). Patrik Nilsson was new to his role as Director Group Energy Management and with the role came an assignment; find and implement energy monitoring systems for all markets.

“We compared several alternatives, but came back to Mestro. Mestro Portal is incredibly good and graphically clear. You get clear reports that are easy to share with the entire organization. It is easy to consolidate data and also to import and export the data where you want. The fact that you have previous experience of delivery in markets outside Sweden was also crucial. This, in combination with the fact that several reference clients mentioned that you work in a very agile way, which I myself can now confirm, settled the matter”, says Patrik Nilsson, Director Group Energy Management at Heimstaden.