Map Impact

Map Impact are the pioneering environmental data services company providing products that are helping nature count and delivering evidence to comply with environmental legislation.



What we can help you with

New environmental planning legislation (Biodiversity Net Gain) is significantly increasing demand for ecological assessment. From February 2024, all new planning applications in England are mandated to demonstrate Biodiversity Net Gain of 10%. Understanding biodiversity habitat and condition relies on qualified professionals, with the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) describing a “crisis in the sector” and a shortage of ecologists.

The new legislation sits alongside wider government ambitions relating to regional Local Nature Recovery Strategies (LNRS) and 30x30 nature targets – all of which require a consistent, objective, and holistic approach to understanding nature.

Our solution

Map Impact’s indications of biodiversity habitat and condition (plus net gain and loss of biodiversity over time), are provided every 50 metres, using metrics derived from satellite imagery. A database has been created covering all of England, meaning that rapid and on-demand understanding of biodiversity can be delivered immediately. This supports ecologists by making workflows more efficient and reducing site visits, but also ensures consistency when comparing one location to another.

The unique power of satellite imagery allows an archive to be accessed to objectively indicate trends over time and to continuously monitor into the future.

Case study - Raven Housing Trust

During Summer 2023, Raven Housing Trust’s Tadworth development was used to showcase how Map Impact’s nationwide biodiversity measurement and monitoring technology can track performance against nature-based targets.

Indicating the baseline status of biodiversity on estates, and their neighbouring regions, means that tailored interventions can be implemented to increase the presence of nature on new and existing developments, benefitting both the environment and residents.

The tool will also help housing providers to achieve their Environmental, Social, and Governance aims, meaning they will be eligible to borrow money from lenders at preferential interest rates, enabling them to invest in building more much-needed new homes.

Ali Bennett, Executive Director of Homes at Raven Housing Trust, said: “Map Impact are demonstrating the positive effect their innovative new tool will have on England’s existing and future housing developments. This will be instrumental in shaping housing providers’ planning processes and strategy creation as the sector journeys towards achieving its goal of becoming net zero carbon.”