Magnum Opus Repairs

Magnum Opus Repairs supports by preventing the costly replacement of household items (including worktops, baths, windows, doors and tiles) via hard surface cosmetic repairs. This saves time, money & waste.



What we can help you with

Repairs departments in the housing sector face immense pressures. RSH surveys reveal rapid growth in repairs expenditure, while providers report rising costs and inflation impacting finances. Material and labour shortages persist, causing significant delays in repair programs. This hampers social housing providers' ability to deliver value for money.
Separately, approximately half of the world's extracted raw materials are used in the built environment, with construction contributing to about 33% of global waste. The UK government's strategy document, 'Our Waste, Our Resources: A Strategy for England' highlights the prevailing trend of encouraging consumers to replace damaged items rather than repair or reuse them.

Our solution

Our repairs are transformative for housing providers and tackle the immense pressures faced by repairs departments head-on. We help with rising costs and inflation as our repairs are almost always cheaper than replacing.
Our repairs take only a few hours to complete and eliminate delays from replacement products, offering relief to material and labour shortages and repair backlogs. Void turnaround and repair cycles improve and disruption for tenants is minimised.

What’s more, we actively contribute to reducing environmental impact by promoting repair and reuse over unnecessary replacements, preventing unnecessary waste in landfill.
We empower social housing providers to deliver exceptional value for money, offer excellent service and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Case study

A large social housing provider was spending a significant value on replacement composite doors, each costing over £1,000 with significant lead-times. When the local police used forced entry to access a property, the repairs department were left with another costly replacement and unnecessary waste.

Luckily, Magnum Opus Repairs were able to invisibly repair the damage at 20% the cost of replacement. The repair took just 3 hours. The technician used a combination of skills derived from the car body repair, french polishing and specialist coating industries (mixed with some free hand artistry). They took before and after images which were attached to an automated report that is sent to the provider when the repair is complete.

The sub-contract officer remarked how the “repair and resurface had left the door looking brand-new”.
Repair data was tracked and we report turnaround time, cost saving and waste prevention statistics back to the provider in batches.