We are dedicated to revolutionizing how we design and construct the built environment. Technology has the power to transform the way we create our world, in a more equitable, more effective and more environmentally sound way. To do this, we have built an industry leading team and created the first, purpose built, software platform for Offsite Construction, thereby enabling the shift away from traditional construction methods.




What we can help you with

The construction industry is largely inefficient, with low productivity and digitisation. As our need for infrastructure, housing and energy continues to accelerate, those around the world tasked with delivering it are under increasing pressure to produce faster and more efficiently than ever before. Continuing in the same way will undermine our society’s ability to deliver the critical, social and physical infrastructure we need in the future to sustain our growing population. Offsite construction has been promoted as a way of solving some of the issues around an ageing workforce and shortage of skilled labour, a housing crisis and poor environmental practices within the industry. However, the construction industry must address and overcome significant challenges to realize the productivity and efficiency gains promised by offsite construction. Whilst the use of offsite solutions has increased over the past decade, there remains a gap in understanding and confidence among developers and construction clients about the solutions and the competent supply chain available to deliver better outcomes. KOPE will change this and help accelerate the adoption of offsite construction.

Our solution

The KOPE software platform is designed to take you from early stage design through to constructability. With its unrivalled insight into the offsite construction supply chain, users can easily evaluate and integrate prefabricated products into new or existing projects.

  • Quickly configure, test and rework your scheme using different offsite building systems and products.
  • Get accurate costs in the early stages of a project and avoid costly redesigns when value-engineering at later design stages.
  • Automatically generate outputs such as drawings, 3D models and BOMs.

Benefits of working with us

The ROI can be realised by improving margins on the design and production of offsite products/systems, help companies work towards greener and more sustainable processes by reducing carbon impact and waste, improve cost certainty of projects mitigating risk and find optimal solutions for each project.