iOpt Limited

iOpt uses sensors to remotely monitor properties, we use the data to identify issues in properties: damp; mould; leaks; fuel poverty; poor performance; heat decay; occupancy; misuse.


What we can help you with

We monitor a plethora of assets within a property to allow social housing providers to make better informed decisions in relation to managing their stock and taking care of the welfare of their tenants.

iOpt’s end-to-end solution delivers actionable insights that:

Detect the conditions of damp and mould;
Identify abandonments and occupancy issues, including over and under occupancy;
Highlight fuel poverty;
Recognise poor air quality and sub-standard property conditions;
Identify poor performing properties; helping to meet net zero targets;
Accurately measure retrofit work, demonstrating the effectiveness of work carried out;
Can provide an estimate of annual kWh consumption;
Determines if tenants are using a property effectively.

Our solution

The tenant management teams can monitor occupancy to ensure their properties are being utilised as expected. Legal teams have evidence of misuse or abandonment. Energy teams have insight into tenants who may be struggling to pay their bills, which in turn impacts the quality of the property and of course quality of life. Renfrewshire Council identified that specific savings of £192 per property had been realised and identified these savings across a number of areas including:

  • Proactive intervention in issues such as mould growth
  • Improved social benefits - fuel poverty detection
  • Reduced property visits through remote diagnosis
  • Reduction in lost revenue due to early identification of abandoned properties
  • Ability to restructure capex spend through evidence based strategic planning

Case study - Renfrewshire Council

Renfrewshire Council, commented: "iOpt provides a platform to assist asset managers in protecting their properties and their tenants from environmental conditions that will negatively affect asset and stock conditions and tenants’ health. Those conditions may occur naturally, due to fabric failure or due to the actions of the tenant.

iOpt’s solution tackles the fundamental problems seen by asset managers and tenants in social housing, which are damp and mould growth, followed by excess cold. The problems are predominantly due to high levels of moisture (damp, humidity, condensation), a lack of heating and a lack of regular ventilation.

iOpt’s sensors measure the environment and energy usage within a property. The data generated is used to generate reports and alerts that subsequently lead to actions being taken directly to mitigate problems, or preventative strategies are formed to stop these types of problems from occurring."