Intelligent Automation Network

For organisations looking to invest in intelligent automation and artificial intelligence solutions

Our specialist network - IAN

The rise of the digital worker and deployment of artificial intelligence is only going to grow, and housing organisations need to understand where these technologies can add value to their operations and customer experience. IAN supports those leaders wanting to augment their human workforce alongside a digital one and to deploy artificial intelligence applications in new and more creative ways; reducing repetitive time-consuming elements of work to focus on the more complex empathetic tasks which humans are better at.
This includes:
• Developing workforce awareness and understanding of IA and AI
• Building capability and capacity with network members to implement and scale a digital workforce
• Showcasing applications and supporting the development of use cases including network design sprints
• Undertaking out of sector study visits and explore examples where IA and AI is being applied successfully to bring  learning back into the social housing sector
• Sharing data and lessons on IA builds to facilitate better understanding and outcomes for all members