Help me Fix

Trade Innovations build software products to improve the rented sector and construction industry. Our products include, Help me Fix, Vixit and Hub.


What we can help you with

The outdated model of maintenance across the country in social housing and in the private rented sector is wasteful and in desperate need of overhaul. The traditional process of dispatching a physical tradesperson to every problem, great and small, encourages wastage at all levels.

This issue is especially compounded within social housing organisations that have their own in-house repair teams. Not only do they face wasted spend on unnecessary visits to properties, but also face challenges with:

  • Employment vacancies
  • Rising fuel costs
  • Ageing workforce
  • Increased material cost

Our solution

Help me Fix is a software platform and physical service combination that connects a resident to a tradesperson over video when they have a maintenance issue. The engineer tries to help the resident fix the issue themselves under expert supervision.

If the issue cannot be resolved by the resident the secondary function of the video engineer is to ascertain which parts are required for a physical fix, and to gather information and photos of the issue to assist a physical engineer in making a first-time repair.

Case study

A recent case study carried out using Help me Fix video triage with Hamways who are the managing agent for the William Pears Group (15,000 homes) showed that

  • In 22% of cases a full resolution was made without any need for a site visit.
  • In just over 60% of additional cases, although the situation couldn’t be fully resolved via video link, it could be easily triaged, and the necessary parts identified and sourced, ready for an engineer to visit at the earliest possible convenience.