Hello Lamp Post

An innovative communication and engagement platform connecting residents to their local area. The technology provides instant information on local services and seeks feedback on community initiatives.


What we can help you with

People are struggling to access local information and feedback to decision makers about the areas where they live, work and visit. Why should they be restricted to information that’s only provided on a planning notice at a hoarding site or an information board in their local area?

Every city/ environment in the world has a duty to hear from its citizens, especially in the decision making process. Hello Lamp Post provides organisations with the tools they need to to effectively and efficiently engage with their community to build safer environments, enhance infrastructure, understand citizen expectations and hear about people’s experiences.

Our solution

Offering a new outlet for citizens to share their memories, perspectives, thoughts and feelings, Hello Lamp Post is able to address challenges between public spaces and communities, offering an ‘always-on’ 24/7 engagement tool to businesses, residents and visitors. Hello Lamp Post can support organisations and communities with:

  • Making destinations more accessible and attractive
  • Generating revenue and driving footfall - Making public realm experiences more accessible and inclusive
  • Offering easier access to local information
  • Digitising and promoting local services
  • Gathering real-time data and insights
  • Reaching diverse, widespread and underrepresented communities
  • Automating citizen communications and engagement
  • Empowering more people to have a say in decisions making

Case study - Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Hello Park was a deployment in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, to support London Legacy Development Corporation’s plan to engage the community. Hello Lamp Post was introduced to: inform users about the variety of experiences available, educate the public on the park’s history, gather feedback and potential improvements, increase engagement, build trust and improve organisational reputation.

Results - 4,165 Interactions & 1,090 Users.

Outcomes - public queries were automated, increased park staff capacity and comms remained inclusive and accessible.