Greenpass is the world's 1st Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) firm for urban environmental impact and climate change adaptation.

What we can help you with

Climate change is a fact & cities keep growing. Significant economic risk for real-estate developers & city planners. Growing regulatory pressure & urgent need for practical solutions.

Our solution

Environmental Impact Optimization: Holistic environmental impact assessment regarding 6 urban challenges incl. cost/benefit. Reduce carbon emissions and heat loss, reducing energy bills by up to 30%.

Climate-fit real estate & open space: Reduce tenant turnover, reducing the risk of vacant properties and lost rent. Higher thermal comfort and quality of life for residents & neighborhood.

Regulation Fulfillment: fulfillment of building regulations on national, regional or municipality level. Like eg the Wind & Thermal Comfort Guideline from the City of London.

Case study

Westbahnhof Vienna, the world's first GREENPASS Platinum-certified building with 160 trees cools the neighborhood of Vienna's Westbahnhof by up to 1.5°C on a hot day.

“We have come a long way from 'blue boxes' on a greenfield site to a downtown furniture store that is second to none. We dare this experiment because our lives, customer behavior and mobility habits are changing rapidly. To counter this, new approaches are needed.” Said by Alpaslan Deliloglu, CEO IKEA Austria.

According to DI Joachim Kräftner, CEO Kräftner landscape architecture, “With GREENPASS we were able to confirm that the greening of this fantastic building is not just a "pretty", but that the 160 trees make an active and sustainable contribution to cooling the city. This is how contemporary architecture should work!”