We are digitally transforming the property maintenance and repairs space, with a focus on resident happiness and engagement.



What we can help you with


  • Improve resident happiness and communication.
  • Improve the quality of housing provided by housing organisations.
  • Ensure full compliance with safety standards and regulations.
  • Rebuild trust between residents and landlords or housing providers.
  • Enable housing providers to move to a modern approach and stop using outdated traditional models and methods.

Our solution

  • Put an app in the hands of the resident.
  • Allow them to report issues in less than 30 seconds.
  • Provide effective communications on all reported issues including communal issues.
  • Do away with quotes to improve the speed of resolution
  • Use Video Triage to reduce environmental impacts, increase first time fix rate, improve speed of resolution and empower residents.
  • Provide a single transparent source of truth for all data and issues reported and completed.
  • Fully managed outsourced service or utilise a clients own DLO.


Barking and Dagenham Reside portfolio

We have been providing behind the door and communal services to over 200 properties for the past 4 months and have transformed their service delivery.

We have moved this housing provider from a traditional (and struggling) R&M model to a modern digital technology based solution with outstanding customer feedback. We feel as though we have really changed peoples lives.

“.... EVO have hit the ground running with a great service for us here at Weavers Quarter, the app is easy to use and the level of detail provided in relation to when jobs will be completed, who is coming and what they did to fix the issue is super helpful, I can’t recommend them highly enough”
Matthew Lismore, head of residents association.

“This is not a step change in RMS delivery, this is a staircase change!”

Another resident has said "Stay with us Forever!"