Watch this space: Lessons from Elon the disruptor with Stephen Carver

  • Online event
  • 22 May 2023 10:00 - 11:15

Watch this space: Lessons from Elon the disruptor with Stephen Carver

What can leaders learn from NASA and the disruption of space? Actually quite a lot as the approach that has been deployed by disruptors such as Elon Musk has resonance for any mature sector which is struggling to adapt to a very different world.

Join myself and the wonderful Stephen Carver, from the Cranfield School of Management as we explore the world of space disruption.

Key Messages:

• Leadership vs. Management

• The Power of Culture

• Fear of Failure

• Evolution vs. Revolution

• Riding Change

In this session we will cover:

NASA were always seen as the best of the best. They sent men to the Moon, explored our Universe and amazed us with their skills and vision. However, after success came complacency and ultimately disaster. The inevitable and predicted Shuttle disasters changed everything and showed how their poor culture was their undoing. The World moved on but NASA failed to adapt quickly enough, leaving a an opportunity for others to take the lead in these turbulent times…

Love him or loath him, Elon Musk has revolutionised every industry he has ever entered. He and others have simply overturned the established space industry, virtually overnight, and are now set on a path to dominate what will become the fastest growing and profitable business opportunity the World has ever seen.

This session will look at how an established industry fell from grace and how the Space Barons have come so far, so fast.

About our speaker: Stephen Carver, Cranfield School of Management

• One of the top rated Lecturers at Cranfield

• 30 years in Change Projects & Programmes

• Project & Programme Management expert

• Board Level Global Clients – lecturing & consultancy

• Hon Fellow of The Association of Project Management

• Hon Fellow of The Institute of Risk Management

• Expert in Projects, Programmes, Risk, Communications, Crisis.

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