Turning off the dirty tap of data with Mick Capern, Westward Housing

  • Online event
  • 12 June 2023 10:00 - 11:00

Turning off the dirty tap of data with Mick Capern, Westward Housing

Come and join us and fellow DIN members as we spend an hour in the company of Mick Capern, Assistant Director of Transformation, Westward Housing as we get down and dirty in the sewers of housing data and learn how the team at Westward have got some lovely clean data coming through their digital pipes.

About this event

This will be a webinar focussed on the age old problem of having confidence in the data you are using to take decisions, big and small, is clean, pure and verifiable. This practical case study, from DIN member Westward Housing, will advance your thinking and understanding significantly on how you can learn to trust the data in your business.

Part presentation, part interview, part discussion with opportunities for delegates to ask Mick directly themselves any questions they may have.

What will we cover?

• Why your Enterprise Framework is key.

• Where to start

• Culture and mindset

• Tools and processes

• Data Risks and Prioritisation

• The hidden factory of data

• Why data is key to Digital Transformation

• Mastering data

About our speaker

I have worked in the housing sector for over 30 years, starting with Bristol City Council, working within and then managing frontline services. During my time a BCC I ended up managing IT within the Housing Department, implementing a series of new systems. In 2009, I began working at Alliance Homes, in North Somerset, where I led a business transformation programme and project managed the IT set up of Alliance Homes DLO. I also worked as a project manager for Total Mobile, before returning to the Social Housing sector. In 2017, I joined 3C consultants, working on several data related projects across the sector including Westward Housing. During this time, I began leading on Westward’s Digital Transformation Programme, Evolve. In 2020 I joined Westward as the Assistant Director Transformation, where I continue to programme manage Evolve as well as heading up the PMO and Business Intelligence Team.


Attendance is free as part of your DIN membership subscription

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