Tenants as Partners: 21st Century Asset Management

  • 27 January 2022 15:00 - 16:00

Tenants as Partners: 21st Century Asset Management

Housing Providers are held back by legacy IT systems that are no longer fit for purpose. Disparate systems silo data and teams within an organisation, making optimisation hard to achieve.

At the same time we’re in a state of flux with our tenants, whilst tenant inclusion is high on the agenda, tenants are already taking their own action to make themselves heard, using press (ITV exposé) and social media to talk about the state of their property. This is a rapidly changing landscape for many social landlords, we have the choice to either embrace the opportunities presented with collective intelligence or risk being swallowed by it.

PIN are joined by an emerging disruptor in the housing sector - Bimdl. They have created an intelligent platform that helps to create an equilibrium between tenants and social landlords, improving transparency to achieve greater trust. Where tenants can take ownership of their property and record information about its state on an immutable blockchain ledger with shared access to all stakeholders.

A really interesting concept that we will explore in this hour session, along with Anna O'Halloran, National Consultancy Manager, TPAS.

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