Tackling the housing repairs blind spot - the long tail of complex cases

  • Online event
  • 22 May 2024 14:30 - 15:30

Tackling the housing repairs blind spot - the long tail of complex cases

Come and join us and fellow DIN property tech channel members as we take a look at new research from Nolijwork. Using fresh data anlaysis they have shone a light on perhaps one of the biggest hidden challenges of a housing repairs service; complex cases.

This is an area which sits oddly within an operations setup which is about volume based, repeatable repairs fulfillment. You will be surprised at how long this 'tail' is and the impact it has on the business as well as tenants satisfaction.


What will the session cover:

· Housing organisations operate housing repairs as a volume operation, to cope with daily demand at scale.

· Many repairs are straightforward and transactional in nature

· However, housing repair data analysis work (undertaken by NolijWork) highlights several “long tail” phenomena, whether it’s the timescales of repairs, and/or the number of repairs per property.

· The properties and repairs encountered at the end of these long-tails are likely to be the cause of interventions by the Housing Ombudsman.

· Such variability in demand poses specific challenges for Housing providers, given that a one-size fits all approach cannot cope with extremes of volume versus complexity.

· How can Housing organisations manage this bifurcated service approach?

· NB this phenomenon is not unique to Housing Repairs, it also manifests in other services, again highlighted by this “long tail” visual presentation (i.e. a Pareto distribution).


What will you learn:

· To set the scene, NolijWork will explain how they use data to detect these problems, and showcase evidence of these “long tail” patterns.

· Participants will have the opportunity to discuss whether this resonates with their own experience, how other organisations are coping with this challenge, and what might be done to compensate for these phenomena.


Who should be there:

Anyone interested in or responsible for delivering a repairs service who wants to understand their 'blindspots' and issues relating to inefficient resolution of complex repair cases.


About our speakers:

Paul O'Neil is the Founder and driving force behind Nolijwork who combines a deep understanding of technology but also how people actually use it to solve problems.

Andy Belton, Former CIO NHG, NED and Board Advisor in the housing, property and data space


This session is free to attend as part of your DIN Property channel subscription. DIN members not in proptech and non members can book an pay and attendance fee.


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