Strategic foresight for CEOs, a guide to personal futures

  • Online event
  • 08 March 2024 09:30 - 10:00

Strategic foresight for CEOs, a guide to personal futures

Come and join us for our Connected CEO only briefing with our Futurist in Residence, Tracey Follows, CEO, Futuremade.

As part of your DIN membership Tracey presents back to members in the Spring and Autumn her research and insights on key trends and mega trends and this session will take place directly after this one. But this 30mins is exclusively aimed at DIN CEOs where we will focus on one issue around 'personal futures'.

Tracey will introduce us to the principles of strategic foresight and futures and will show how to apply futures approaches that go beyond organisational foresight. Using the same model we can start to think about personal futures in a professional setting. So much of leadership is about looking to the future, and perceiving alternative futures but we should also stop to think about how our personal futures affect our desire or ability to engage in the time horizon of tomorrow. In this session we'll show the importance and impact of that, suggest one or more useful tools and discuss the overlap between where the organisation is heading and where its leader is going - and why.

The session is aimed at DIN Connected CEOs only.

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Attendance is free as part of your DIN membership subscription