Reimagining the Repairs and Void Process - Introduction to process mining

  • Online event
  • 02 March 2023 15:00 - 16:00

Reimagining the Repairs and Void Process - Introduction to process mining


Join us as we explore new opportunities for service improvement in repairs and voids processes, using a new technique called Process Mining with Nolijwork.

Put simply, Process Mining is like an x-ray – designed to uncover hidden operational patterns from readily available data, revealing how even the most complex processes operate in practice. Therein lies a significant opportunity, to gain new insights from even the simplest of data, lying untapped inside many organizations.

Whilst many organisations have mapped out processes for repairs and voids, how many colleagues use them as envisaged? Or do they ‘find ways around ‘the process to deliver for tenants? Process Mining helps you understand how the processes are really being used in practice. Applying process mining techniques, combined with new ways of analysing services – means new opportunities for improvement can be revealed.

“An introduction to Process Mining, ways to improve services – hiding in plain sight” will cover:

  • Process mining overview
  • Minimising the entry barriers to process mining
  • Applying process mining in a Service context
  • Opportunities for a light-touch “trial engagement” where we will focus on repairs and voids processes.

At the end of this session

- Participants will have a good understanding of the underlying principles and opportunities with Process Mining for their organisations.

- As part of the PIN Membership can register their interest to participate in a short free trial engagement, to explore the benefits individually, through use of their own data on their repairs and/or vids processes.

Who should attend?

Anyone with an interest or responsibility for service design / delivery especially of repairs and voids processes, customer experience, business analysis / performance will all benefit from attending this session.


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