Proptech Innovation Network Lightning Pitch Showcase

  • Online event
  • 19 January 2023 15:00 - 16:00

Proptech Innovation Network Lightning Pitch Showcase


The Proptech Innovation Network is excited to show you new tech and solutions from a range of start-ups, early-stage growth and new market entrants at our next lightning pitch showcase.

This lightning pitch will focus on fresh innovative solutions to solve the challenges around delivering your Proptech priorities.

Using our 'Dragon's den' format of no more than 7 slides in 7 minutes and 7mins for Q&A, each presenter needs to bring their 'A' game to grab your attention!

So, who do we have lined up for this session?

  • Pitch 1 - A cloud-based platform for energy management empowers property owners to solve one of our time’s most important climate issues; how to make properties sustainable. By collecting, analysing and visualising your energy data it turns complex, invisible streams into understandable metrics that you and your organisation can take action on right away.
  • Pitch 2 - A people-centred housing model as a radical alternative to the current housing market, helping everyone have an affordable home and a better quality of life. A rapid-response housing solution that respects you and the planet.
  • Pitch 3 - A wastewater recovery solution for retrofit and new build. Passively recovering the heat from showering that will improve the cost of a shower by up to 75%, day after day, year after year
  • Pitch 4 - A climate tech solution for the built environment. A unique ecosystem approach simplifies the net zero challenge by making projects financially executable. Empowering access to efficient funding, zero capex outlay, off-balance sheet treatment, NAV uplift, guaranteed energy bill savings, and energy generation revenue.

This is a great way to find out about new and innovative solutions in a short space of time that may help your organisation.

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