Procuring to innovate – time to stop throwing the hot potato around!

  • Online event
  • 17 July 2024 10:00 - 11:00

Procuring to innovate – time to stop throwing the hot potato around!

ots of reasons are bounded around as to why we can’t innovate. But we can. We can see procurement as a reason not to innovate - a hot potato being thrown around. Asset people saying it’s procurement, procurement saying it’s the asset people. The potato isn’t hot and there are solutions to procure innovation, in innovative ways. 

What that sector wants to see is real world solutions to procurement so that organisations can get their hands on the technology they want in an easy, compliant and stress-free way, ideally with a collaborative approach between asset and procurement teams with the backing of senior leadership. 


What we will explore: 

  • What procurement options are available for innovative products and businesses that might not meet the usual procurement policies?
  • How do we approach procurement in a way that supports innovation?
  • What are the questions asset teams and procurements team need to ask each other to collaborate for innovation?
  • How do you get backing from senior leadership to suggest and get agreement to procure innovative solutions?
  • A member case study.


Our speakers: 

  • Neil Butters, Head of Procurement, pfh
  • Audrey Li, Director of Procurement and SRM, The Guinness Partnership


Who should attend: 

Anyone working in property and asset management, innovation or procurement teams will benefit from attending this session, including procurement leads, asset managers and transformation teams.  


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