OKRs (Objectives Key Results) - Building a culture of innovation

  • Online event
  • 09 March 2023 10:30 - 11:45

OKRs (Objectives Key Results) - Building a culture of innovation

For a good while DIN has been interested in the value of using Objectives, Key, Results (OKRs) to enhance performance delivery for housing providers.
If KPIs aren’t giving you what you need, or the pace of change is not fast or focussed enough, OKRs could be the answer.

 Attendees at our 'OKRs - whatever have they done for social housing' online event in June last year, heard from DIN member, Magenta Living that implementing OKRs is not without its challenges and getting them right won’t be easy.

So, we have invited Lawrence Walsh, Managing Director of There Be Giants who were the delivery partner on Magenta’s OKR programme to come along and give us a masterclass in how to implement OKRs effectively.

Drawing upon his many years of experience in this field Lawrence will help us with:

  •    What OKRs are vs what OKRs are not 
    •    Common client problems and how to overcome them.
    •    Practical case studies 
    •    How OKRs can be used to create a culture of innovation
    •    Insights into how successful organisations have won with OKRs

So, if OKRs are on your organisations agenda then this will be a perfect webinar to accelerate your journey with them.

To book places please use this link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/okrs-objectives-key-results-building-a-culture-of-innovation-registration-513922765827