Navigating Risk and Uncertainty with Susie Braam

  • Online and free to DIN members
  • 02 October 2023 10:30 - 11:30

Navigating Risk and Uncertainty with Susie Braam

For our second session with Susie Braam she will utilise her significant experience from heading up the innovation and entrepreneurship arm of the national security services to help DIN members better navigate risk and uncertainty.

A subject which is becoming more prominent for leaders and for whom seeking more effective ways to assess and plan for uncertainty will be key to future business success.

By attending this online session on Creative Problem-Solving, you will leave with:

Key Points:

  • Explore your own, and your organisation's perceptions of and approach to risk and uncertainty.
  • Identify the differences and relationship between risk and uncertainty, including how to navigate uncertainty whilst exploring new opportunities in the core business by managing innovation risk.
  • Understand the leadership behaviours that help or hinder the exploration of opportunities that uncertainty presents.

About our speaker

Susie is an innovation and transformation leader and coach. Former Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in National Security, Susie now advises on, writes and talks about innovation, leadership and strategy.

She is the co-founder of Yellow Cat Innovation, which provides training and coaching to corporate innovators and leadership, as well as startups.

Attendance is free as part of your DIN membership subscription