My Big Fail (and the lessons learned)

  • The Comedy Store, Leicester Square, London
  • 07 December 2022

My Big Fail (and the lessons learned)

As we head rapidly towards the end of what has been a very disruptive year, I am delighted to invite you to come along for a day of brilliant leadership stories all focussed on failure and what we can learn from them.

With all profits going to a range of homeless, cancer charities and social enterprises, you are promised a day of fun, failure and fundraising.

Through a mixture of fireside chats, panels, stand-up and impromptu storytelling you will learn so much from all the great leaders we have lined up.
If you’re a current CEO or have ambitions to be one in the future, this inspiring day will help you better navigate a very uncertain world.

Our speakers ready to climb the iconic stage for your pleasure and edification include:

  • Dr Samuel West, Founder of the Museum of Failure and a Swede who didn’t like the cold, so he moved to Spain!
  • Oke Eleazu, CEO, Many Pets and former Exec Director, Sainsbury’s although not sure I’d let him stack my shelves.
  • Craig Fenton, Managing Director, Strategy and Operations, Google UK
  • Karen Lynch, Former CEO, Belu Water and Founder Expert Impact, A whirlwind of kinetic energy all necessary to power her bubble perm
  • Sam Coniff, Author Be More Pirate and Founder of the Uncertainty Experts – He’s started so many businesses in so many places you’d think he was in witness protection he’s so hard to nail down
  • Avril Chester, CTO, Royal Pharmaceutical Society and Founder Cancer Central
  • Liam Black, Chair, The Conduit Club and former CEO, Jamie’s Fifteen and that ended well
  • Will Butler Adams, OBE, CEO, Brompton Bicycles, one of the nicest people on two wheels and the inventor of the F@#k it Fund
  • Maff Potts, Founder, Camerados , multitalented musician, homeless czar who never leaves home without a spoon.

We will cover a range of leadership themes from:

  • Lessons from big corporate failures
  • The psychology of failure
  • Getting the big calls right
  • Managing risk and dealing with uncertainty
  • Personal wellbeing and resilience
  • Responding effectively to that ‘oh s#@t moment
  • Bouncing back fast
  • Taking people with you
  • And much, much more

So, if you’ve had a tough year and just want to hear some purposeful inspiration or are determined to get 2023 off to a brilliant start, please click on the link below and book your place, knowing that you will be contributing to supporting the work of some fabulous start-ups and social enterprises.

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