Learning the lessons from Grenfell with Pete Apps

  • Online event
  • 04 March 2024 14:00 - 15:15

Learning the lessons from Grenfell with Pete Apps

Come and join us and fellow DIN members as we spend an hour in the company of Pete Apps, award winner author, journalist and the former Deputy Editor of Inside Housing as we explore the key issues and lessons for housing providers from the Grenfell tragedy and how we can ensure it never happens again

About this event

The four-year Grenfell Tower Inquiry was a root and branch examination of the acts, omissions, structures and cultures which allowed a globally unique fire disaster to happen in the UK’s capital city. But its lessons have yet to be widely understood, and this webinar will help unpick them. It will cover:

  • What happened on the night of the fire to transform a routine kitchen blaze into a block-wide inferno, and the crucial steps we need to take to stop this happening again
  • Why the refurbishment project - designed to improve the tower - went so drastically wrong and what we have learned about how to do it better
  • Why dangerous cladding and insulation products were on the market
  • What the social housing providers could have done differently in the years before the fire
  • What has changed since then and what we still need to improve to avoid a repeat

The session is aimed at CEOs and executive teams, Asset Directors, building safety managers, anyone involved in major refurbishment project and leaders who want to ensure the lessons from the Grenfell Tower fire can be applied at their organisations.

About our speaker

Pete Apps is an award winning journalist with more than 10 years experience writing about the social housing sector. He reported from every day of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry and his book Show Me The Bodies won the Orwell Prize for political writing in 2023.

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