Leading Edge ESG reporting: A DINLab launch

  • 02 December 2021 11:00 - 12:00

Leading Edge ESG reporting: A DINLab launch

Join us as we share more details on this exciting discovery lab project on this ESG reporting tool, helping you meet and report on ESG

About this event

With the onset of new resident engagement and ESG demands, housing associations are required to report on their performance, consistently. But collecting analysing and improving your ESG performance requires specialised expertise and resources, both of which can be costly.

We have partnered with Gridizen to test their ESG reporting tool. The ESG module integrates live with your property management system. Information is pulled from the property management system; ONS data; the DLUHC; and other sources. All of this is automatically aggregated and analysed by the Gridizen algorithms.

The module is designed around the ESG sustainability reporting standards. It covers all of the core criteria in the standards. Gridizen officially endorse the standards and have designed their solution around them.

What will the DINLab test?

This DINLab will test Gridizen's automated ESG reporting tool, helping to assess your ESG performance, report on it to others (board, regulators, investors etc.) and learn how to improve upon it.

• It will test the ability of the reporting tools to deliver what insights and data the business needs for their respective audiences.

• We will explore the frequency of the reporting and what is required for each different participant from weekly to quarterly• Starting from a baseline assessment we will look to track changes and performance improvements over the life of the lab to give participants an understanding of what areas they need to focus on.

• During the lab we will be testing if the solution can alleviate the need to recruit more expensive resource such as data scientists and analysts and keep more of the work in-house

Who is the DINLab for?

This DINLab is designed:

- Organisations that want to be more sustainable or are interested in sustainability linked finance.

- Organisations whose leaders/ investors are requesting ESG reports

- Those working in finance, supply chain, governance or reporting to the Board, Executive and Lenders

- For those that believe that ESG reporting is a business priority!

What is a DINLab?

A DINLab is our innovation platform to rapidly test, learn and evaluate new services and solutions with start-ups, early-stage growth and new market entrants.

For many organisations, being able to fully participate in prototyping and proof of concept trials with new products or solutions is not always possible on their own, either due to lack of resources, experience, or financial issues. DINLabs offers you the opportunity to collaborate together as a group of providers to build, test and learn at speed from some of the very best new technologies and organisational design processes

So if you would like to learn more about what this DINLab will involve, the method, the resources, the data requirements and the costs then please reserve your place and we will do our best to answer your questions and see if this is the right approach for your organisation.