Inside the Lab - A discovery learning day with Sideways6 and Venture Studios

  • Sideways6, London, N1 5AA
  • 20 September 2022

Inside the Lab - A discovery learning day with Sideways6 and Venture Studios

For this study visit we will be hosted by Sideways6, one of the fastest growing creative platforms for capturing organisational ideas from anywhere. We will also be joined by the Venture Studio team from Crisis who will share their methods for innovating and scaling solutions in tackling homelessness. This is high end content for anyone interested in improving their organisations problem solving capabilities. The tools, systems and techniques can be deployed across a wide range of areas. So, if you're struggling to unlock a tricky challenge this is an experience not to be missed.

In addition, we have also arranged for an innovation hour where four of the portfolio companies from Venture Studios will pitch their solutions to us. Prepare to be motivated and inspired by the creativity and talent on show.

To make sure you have a value packed day we will cover:

  • The story of Venture Studios – How to invent, establish and run a successful innovation lab.
  • What are the lessons for the social housing sector we can take back into our organisations?
  • What can housing providers learn from working with start-ups?
  • Ideas from anywhere. The Sideways6 story. A brilliant tale of how to build a new platform from scratch to capture organisational ideas.
  • Leading innovation – We still struggle to drive innovation across large businesses such as housing providers. Here we will learn from someone who does this for a living – Ezechi Britton MBE, Co-Founder Code Untapped

No delegate fees

We are trying something different here as all profits from the event will go to Crisis to support its work in eradicating homelessness. To make it accessible to as wide a range of organisations as possible we are asking for a donation with a suggested starting amount of £150 per place, but please pay whatever you feel comfortable with.

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