Inside Housing Innovation: Lessons from Canada with Jean Marc La Flamme

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  • 16 May 2023 16:00 - 17:00

Inside Housing Innovation: Lessons from Canada with Jean Marc La Flamme

As you will be aware by now, DIN goes far and wide to secure the very best insights, inspirations and innovations to help leaders in the social housing space keep pace with the increasing expectations of tenants and residents. We have heard from housing innovators from Los Angeles, Seattle, Belgium.  This time we will be learning from Canada.

This is a leadership webinar focussed on understanding how Canada is tackling a range of housing challenges; from affordability, climate change to smart cities. From practical immediate solutions to longer term more radical thinking about fundamentally changing the way we live, Canada has something for everyone working in social housing.

To help us make sense of this we will be joined by Jean Marc La Flamme, one of the foremost thought leaders in regenerative communities. 

In this webinar Jean Marc will cover:

  • Canada's National Housing Supply Challenge.
  • Living Labs as experimental zones or “sandboxes” for communities to rapidly innovate housing and living infrastructure.
  • Civic Engagement Platforms for communities to have transparent debate and vote on solutions.
  • Hundreds of real affordable living solutions for the UK social housing sector to consider.
  • How to best position the affordable housing and regenerative living narrative for the general public.

About our speaker:

Jean-Marc is a senior technology professional who has worked for National Smart Cities and Housing Innovation Teams and is now building regenerative communities with affordable housing at its core. A career of disrupting industries, scaling startups, supporting non-profits, working with government and rural communities. Founder of mass manufactured micro and modular housing with off-grid living infrastructure, leading innovation centres using digital engagement platforms allowing all residents to co-create communities and new social enterprise. He is the Managing Director of ReGen Villages building resilient smart communities, with integrated life support systems of food, water, energy, education, economic, transportation and waste-to-resource management. Communities are connected to each other with a secure but open smart cities platform for real time innovation inside bioregions. 

We promise you will find his approach and knowledge of the affordable housing market staggering and his ideas for tackling age old challenges inspiring.

To book places please use the link below and if you can’t make it please feel to share with colleagues elsewhere in the organisation as your DIN membership is for the whole business to access.