Innovating for value in constrained times

  • Online
  • 06 July 2023 10:00 - 11:15

Innovating for value in constrained times

When times are tough, as they undoubtedly are now, organisations need to work even harder and be more creative.

However, from discussions with members we know this is not as easy as it sounds, especially when the business is trying to look both ways to the past and the future.

So, in usual DIN fashion, we thought we’d assemble (no not the Avengers!), but a group of senior housing leaders to share and debate what they are doing to drive innovation in these constrained times. 

We will aim to discuss a range of issues both operational and strategic and offer fresh insights and solutions to DIN members on areas they might want to explore  - particularly around doing more with less, including:

  •  The changing state of housing service delivery
  • Challenges and opportunities - where to focus your innovation len
  • People, skills and resources
  • Experimenting with new operating models
  • Use of technology and new systems
  • And much more, no doubt!

Chaired by Ian Wright, CEO, Disruptive Innovators Network

Our panel members are:

  • Leann Hearne, CEO, Livv Housing Group
  • Nick Atkin, CEO, Yorkshire Housing Group
  • Julia Mixter, Director of Transformation, Raven Housing Trust
  • Paul Taylor, Innovation Coach, Bromford Group

So if you’re needing some fresh impetus to unlock some knotty problems or want to validate what you are planning to do to improve services, then this webinar will be invaluable.

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