Horses for (Transformation) Courses

  • Online event
  • 04 July 2022 10:30 - 12:00

Horses for (Transformation) Courses

Every organisation's transformation journey is different - from what drives them to how they are run and everything in between.

This session will explore this issue by finding out about two different transformation paths.

First up a transformation approach that has had customers at the helm throughout. Steve Allcock, Director of Customer Experience & Digital Innovation at Johnnie Johnson Housing will share their approach which has very clearly had their customers all over it!

In the second half our session will focus on when things get tough and knowing when to put the brakes on and take a transformation pause. With pressure to deliver and the credibility and commercials at stake this is a courageous decision, we talk to Ann-Marie Spencer, Director of Technology, Innovation & Change at Yorkshire Housing. 

What is the leaders of transformation network?
The Leaders of Transformation Network is free to join for DIN members, it's all part of the subscription fee. Meeting virtually, the network is an interactive forum for people with responsibility for leading transformational programmes and initiatives for their organisation. This is an opportunity to contribute, learn and support each other on their  transformation journeys.

Our Network Director
The Transformation Leaders network is led by DIN's Associate Director, Helena Moore who is accomplished in developing and changing organisational culture and alignment to strategy and purpose through new approaches to leadership, effective communications, engagement and collaboration.

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