Global trends impacting People and Culture What you must know now to be ready for the future

  • Online and FREE to DIN members
  • 20 March 2024 14:00 - 15:15

Global trends impacting People and Culture What you must know now to be ready for the future


The world of work has never been more global.  People services have moved on from grappling with the immediate impact of the pandemic to more pressing issues including new attitudes to work, global competition for talent and the impact of tech and AI on people jobs.

In our first online session specifically focussing on people and culture, we will help you  think beyond the 'day job' and look at wider horizons to the key things shaping our future, and how can we prepare for and respond to what's to come.

Our tour guide will be world renowned Futurist David Smith from Global Futures and Foresight. Hold on tight as David will take us at pace, covering a lot in a short space of time.  Heavily rooted in research and connected with real life examples, David will help us take a big view of what’s to come and what we should be strategizing for.


CPD Accredited: 

We're really pleased to let you know that this event will be CPD accredited. We have put this in place in response to your feedback to support your professionalisation agendas. Keep an eye out for more DIN CPD accredited events in the future!


What this session will cover:

  • The new and emerging mega trends affecting people and culture teams that will increasingly shape the world of work.
  • How these will impact us and shape our strategic thinking around the people planning side
  • Who’s leading the way in terms of businesses and sectors
  • How we can create the right conditions for success to support your people and culture journey


About our speaker:

David Smith is the Chief Executive global Futures and Foresight. Key note speaker, chair, futurist, strategist and author. David uses views of the future developed within Global Futures and Foresight by their in-house research team and by surveying their worldwide network of future thinkers and business leaders.  His purpose is to inspire his audience to embrace change and by so doing better prepare for the future.


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