DINLab findings online event: Self managing teams - the Buurtzorg way

  • Online event
  • 09 November 2022

DINLab findings online event: Self managing teams - the Buurtzorg way

We said at the launch this DINLab that it was a timely one. Many of you had started to think about and try new ways of working even before Covid-19. The learning from our lockdown experience added rocket fuel to that need and drive to work differently. So, this DINLab in partnership with Buurtzorg was a great opportunity to learn about the Buurtzorg model and test out a self-managing approach.

Our three members (Believe Housing, Loreburn Housing Group and SOHA Housing) who joined us on the programme have had plenty of time to test and evaluate how the Buurtzorg methodology works in a housing organisation. In this session, they will share with us what they found. Each of them applied this in different ways and at different paces, so we feel we have a good understanding as to how this works in different operational scenarios.

If you want to know more about what they've done, how they have done it and what they have learned along the way then please join our Lab Participants, Buurtzorg UK and Ireland and DIN on the 9 November and hear for yourself what they have been up to.
Free to attend for DIN members and only £99 +vat for non-members.

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