DINLab findings event: Transforming customer experience in housing repair

  • Online event
  • 06 December 2022 15:00 - 16:00

DINLab findings event: Transforming customer experience in housing repair

In October 2021 Proptech Innovators Network partnered with Localz to understand if how their technology can support the 'last mile' of the repairs journey, to reduce the no access rate and give customers an improved service.

What was this lab all about?

This DINLab was designed for organisations that were looking for a frictionless customer experience that residents both want and expect, based on real-time ETA updates and visibility; who wanted to reduce the operational costs associated with missed appointments and CallCentre contacts by keeping customers in the loop; and Improve customer service and minimise complaints

We did we want to test?

    • The customer experience of having automated communication sequences related to appointments, including ETAs measured in minutes, and real-time operative tracking on the day of service.
    • How effective two-way messaging is for the operative and customer - where useful information and instructions can be passed directly between them.
    • How feedback from the tenant can be improved through a prompt feedback requests sent to customers immediately after each job completion.
    • How the back-office dashboards are used that provide colleagues with live visibility of operative journeys, ETAs, customer messages and customer feedback.

What was in it for Lab Participants?

Localz was deployed to around 15 to 20 front line mobile workers and used to manage customer engagement in the appointments they are assigned for the duration of the Lab. The back-office dashboard were made available to relevant colleagues in operations, scheduling, and customer services. Regular reports were produced during the lab, monitoring no-access failures and customer feedback scores, by operative and by team. Qualitative data, such as messages sent by customers, were used to assess the reaction and engagement of customers.

So how did it go?

Well, you'll just have to attend this DINLab feedback session where we will share with you:

  • What did we learn from the Localz technology?
  • What did it confirm, what did it challenge by way of current approach?
  • Did we learn anything we didn't know?
  • What did tenants, colleagues and contractors think to the solution?
  • Has it helped providers take a different view of the way they deliver services?
  • Will they be embracing this technology as a result?


We will have speakers from Localz, PIN and Halton Housing, who were the DINLab participants.

  • Jon Blackwell, Head of Repairs & Maintenance, Halton Housing
  • Gary Rosier-Taylor, VP Sales, Localz
  • Charlie Smith, Customer Success Manager, Localz

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