DINLab findings event: Smart Locks and Mobile Keys for voids and communal areas

  • Online event
  • 17 November 2022

DINLab findings event: Smart Locks and Mobile Keys for voids and communal areas

What was this lab all about?

This DINLab was designed for organsations that believed there must be a better way to manage access to properties and communal areas. In Europe and the States, many more doors are opened digitally and we wanted to understand how it could work in social housing.
We partnered with Unloc to look at an alternative to the traditional approach of keys and fobs.
We wanted to understand how the technology could:

  • Support access to communal entrances and gates
  • Reduce void times
  • Improve access for repairs colleagues.
  • Improve operational efficiency by reducing key hassle
  • Decrease travel, emissions and fuel costs
  • Reduce the loss of keys and fobs


 What was in it for lab participants?

 Smart locks fitted to two low or high-rise apartment communal entrances (and include non-tenant areas such as electrical cupboards, cleaner cupboards etc) and a minimum of five void properties (either apartments or houses).

So how did it go?

Well you'll just have to attend this DINLab feedback session where we will share with you:

  • What did we learn from the Unloc technology?
  • What did it confirm, what did it challenge by way of current approach?
  • Did we learn anything we didn't know?
  • What did tenants and contractors think to the solution?
  • Has it helped providers take a different view of the way they deliver services?
  • Will they be embracing this technology as a result?


We will have speakers from Unloc, PIN as well as the lab participants themselves - Bolton at Home, Notting Hill Genesis, Aspire, Plus Dane, Eastlight and Yorkshire Housing. In addition we will debate how these findings may influence the future direction of digital keys and mobile locks for the sector.

  • Richard Senger, Business Development Consultant, Unloc
  • Lisa Tulip, Group Director of Data, Digital and Technology, Bolton at Home
  • Sarah Pearce, Corporate Projects Director, Notting Hill Genesis
  • Alice Kirkham, Strategic Asset Management, Aspire
  • Barry Callow, Director of Repairs, Plus Dane
  • Charlotte Todd, Property Director, Eastlight Homes
  • Jo Leach, Project Manager, Yorkshire Housing

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