DINLab Findings: Data Logic - Making your data work for you

  • Online event
  • 15 May 2023 15:00 - 16:30

DINLab Findings: Data Logic - Making your data work for you


How confident are you in the quality of your data? Or are you just lucky? 

In October 2022, we commenced a DINLab on automating the auditing and compliance of property data in partnership with 3C's Data Logic. Two housing providers joined us to test if this innovative alternative identified poor data that could be inaccurate. incomplete, invalid or irrelevant.

What was this lab all about?
This DINLab was designed for organisations that believed there must be a better way to manage the data quality and compliance. 

We wanted to understand how the technology could:

  • Audit the asset and property data so that the organisation could understand the quality and compliance of the data and understand where the attention needed to be focused.
  • Look to identiy poor asset and property data
  • Explore how to streamline data integrity management, alerting you to potential issues with your data as and when they arise so they can e resolved straight away
  • Identifying and calculating the return on investment for the ongoing management and monitoring of the asset and property data. 

What was in it for lab participants?

There were number of questions the housing providers were looking to answer:

  • Could the solution meet the requirements of the regulator?
  • Could it provide assurance to Board's that decisions made around asset and property were based on reliable data?
  • Do they understand the quality and compliance of the data and proactively manage it?
  • A key question was how it would reduce the wastage in data manipulating?
  • And could the 'dirty data tap' be turned off?

So how did it go?

Well, you'll just have to attend this DINLab feedback session where we will share with you:

  • What did we learn from the Data Logic technology?
  • What did it confirm, what did it challenge by way of current approach?
  • Did we learn anything we didn't know?
  • What did colleagues and contractors think to the solution?
  • Has it helped providers take a different view of the way they deliver services?
  • Will they be embracing this technology as a result?

Our Speakers
We will have speakers from 3C, PIN as well as the lab participants themselves - Together Housing and Onward Housing and debate how this technology could help the wider sector. 

  • Nicky Hawkins, 3C Data Lead, 3C
  • Peter Smout , Onward Housing
  • Anita Wright , Onward Housing
  • Stephen Batley, Together Housing
  • Michael Barstow, Together Housing 

Use this link to book your place at no charge to PIN members. Non members are welcome to sign up for a small fee, which is discounted for DIN members.