DINLab findings: Create Interactive Places to Drive Community-led Decisions

  • Online event
  • 22 February 2024 14:00 - 15:30

DINLab findings: Create Interactive Places to Drive Community-led Decisions

In the summer we commenced a DINLab with Hello Lamp Post (HLP) to test their interactive platform that brings objects, places and infrastructure to life to talk to their community.

The solution is simple. The Housing Provider picks an object that’s in a public place e.g. development hoarding, bench etc where signage can be placed. Tenants and other member of the community scan the QR code or text ‘Hello ' to the phone number found on the signage. They then get a reply from the friendly object. Keep chatting and they will learn more about the area and provide you with feedback.

What was this lab all about?

This DINLab was designed for organisations that believed there must be a better way to engage with tenants and the local community.

We wanted to understand how the technology could:

  • How tenants and the wider community engage and feedback on where they live
  • How the Hello Lamp Post platform can encourage residents to take back ownership and influence the future development of their neighbourhood
  • How future plans can be more centred around the needs of the community
  • What specific challenges Housing Providers are facing when it comes to engaging their community
  • If engagement improves through the use of the platform (in comparison to existing methods) and if the diversity of feedback increases

What is in it for the Lab participants?

This DINLab was aimed at housing providers looking to:

  • Engage diverse, widespread and under-represented communities, at scale.
  • Try a low-cost, scalable approach to community engagement.
  • Gather real-time feedback from residents.
  • Automate elements of service delivery to reduce operating costs.
  • Automatically answer public queries - supporting people in the moment, whilst saving colleague time.
  • Learn and share experiences with other like minded providers.

So how did it go?

Well you'll just have to attend this DINLab feedback session to find out!


We will have speakers from Hello Lamp Post, PIN, as well as the lab participants themselves -

  • Lousie Barker, Hello Lamp Post
  • Sophie Bates and Rebecca Claydon, Freebridge
  • Vicky Lockwood, Plus Dane
  • Claire Renard, Clarion HG

Attendance is free as part of your membership subscription.


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