DINLab Briefing: 4 Exciting DINLabs for 2023

  • Online event
  • 28 February 2023 10:00 - 11:30

DINLab Briefing: 4 Exciting DINLabs for 2023


Is your business open to solving problems through experimentation?  Want to test out the latest innovations, improve service delivery and achieve efficiencies in your own operations?  All done in a safe and supportive space? 

Then DINLabs are for you.

We love learning and innovating, so this year we are pitching all 4 DINLabs we have planned for this year in a single session.  This means you will find out more about all 4 programmes so you can decide which DINLabs you'd like to participate in during 2023.


So, what labs have we got lined up this year?

  • Tenant and Resident Engagement  An AI interactive solution to connecting residents to their neighbourhood, to drive community-led decision making and place shaping. How the planning of estates and communities can be more centred around tenants and residents needs and ideas, enabling more community-led decision making and place shaping. Kicks off April 2023.
  • Automating Emergency Lighting Testing. An alternative to manual emergency lighting testing and record keeping. It automates the entire process using sensors and software, also notifying you of any lighting failure so you can take efficient targeted action to repair it. We will test the technology and calculate the carbon and operational cost reduction of automating. Kicks off April 2023.
  • Reducing the cost of inhouse Repairs and enhancing Customer Expectations. A service that connects residents to experienced engineers over video to help the resident fix the issue themselves under expert supervision, or if it can’t be resolved by the resident ascertain which parts are required for a physical fix to make a first-time repair. Kicks off May 2023.
  • Digital Twin for Safety and Compliance. Supporting the cultural shift to a digital asset solution, transferring knowledge to your teams, reduce costs and increase building compliance. We will look to test Reality Capture techniques to create legacy 3D models and how these digital twins can support the management of safety and compliance across your estate. Kicks off June 2023.

What is a DINLab?

A DINLab is our innovation platform to rapidly test, learn and evaluate new services and solutions with start-ups, early-stage growth and new market entrants.

For many organisations, being able to fully participate in prototyping and proof of concept trials with new products or solutions is not always possible on their own, either due to lack of resources, experience, or financial issues. DINLabs offers you the opportunity to collaborate as a group of providers to build, test and learn at speed from some of the very best new technologies and organisational design processes.

So, if you would like to learn more about what these experiments will involve, the method, the resources, the data requirements and the costs then please reserve your place at this briefing event: