DIN Transformation Leaders Network Beyond Nudge: exploring the opportunities of behavioural science

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  • 27 September 2023 10:30 - 11:45

Beyond Nudge: exploring the opportunities of behavioural science

Since ‘Nudge theory’ propelled behavioural science into the mainstream 15 years ago, it has snowballed through the private sector, industry, charities, government and policy making globally.

The behavioural science of today goes far beyond clever use of wording and mysterious cognitive biases to encourage individuals to pay their tax on time or join the organ donor register. Today, it powers everything from the Netflix user interface, TikTok doom scrolling, inclusive design, construction safety, promotion of sustainable travel, energy efficiency, and health promotion etc, etc. Techniques range from systems theory approaches affecting whole systems, to personalisation and targeted segmentation. Approaches are based on a deep understanding of causes and barriers, work within ethical frameworks and generally involve experimental testing and evaluation, continuous improvement and scaling up. 

Join public policy journalist turned behavioural scientist Emma Maier to explore the opportunities this emerging science brings, and discuss what it could mean for housing.

What will attendees take away?

  • A new perspective on existing challenges
  • The ability to tell your nudges from your sludges
  • An understanding of how 'BehSci' is being used in other sectors
  • How to uncover hidden influences
  • Practical tips to influence behaviours

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