DIN spring gathering - covid lessons, innovations & member update

A chance for members to come together, share lessons and innovations from the covid19 response and learn about DINs future plans

  • Online Event
  • 08 June 2020

About this Event

The overused phrase 'these are unprecedented times' is undoubtedly true but when we are all in the same space with little or no reference points it becomes even more critical to pause and reflect.


And that is exactly what we will be doing in our rescheduled 'spring' meeting. We'll be debating with 3 Chief Executives their personal and organisational responses during the crisis to capture the early lessons, share insights and innovations for the rest of the DIN membership.

This will help organisations answer the question 'what comes next?

Our contributors are:

  • Yvonne Castle, Chief Executive, Johnnie Johnson, Housing Trust
  • David Done OBE, Chief Executive, RHP
  • Amanda Garrard, Chief Executive, Berneslai Homes
  • Ian Wright, Managing Director, Disruptive Innovators Network


DIN have been undertaking a lot of work and conversations with housing leaders and capturing some of the key elements that are worth sharing. By doing this now, as close as possible to when the events and decisions happened, ensures a fresher, more accurate account of actions and outcomes.


We will also share with you DINs future plans now we are in a very different world. We're a bit excited about the possibilities of what the crisis has now enabled us to do.


Once again we will be using our new online platform to undertake an engaging and interactive experience whereby delegates can join our speakers on stage as well as chat to fellow delegates around our virtual tables.


This session is free to DIN members.